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Reusable Silicon Cover

WTH is this for?

For storing Liquid Culture (food) to clone mycelium. LC syringes containing various mushroom types can be ordered online. Not exactly cheap, so it may be wise to clone before it gets wasted on contaminated substrate attempts. The typical approach is to use metal lids that come together with mason jars. The problem with metal is rust/corrosion after multiple rounds of pressure cooking with steam.


  • Cheap food grade silicon covers, won’t rust like metal lids
  • Withstand high temperature
  • Creating holes is easy (eg. hole puncher)
  • Hole useful for pressure equalisation during pressure cooking, conventional methods tend to create lower or vacuum within the jars
  • Hole can be easily plug with injection port (the grey one) immediately after lifting pressure cooker lid. Risk of contamination is low but beware of scalding risks
  • Works with classic Red RTV silicon as injection port too. I prefer Red RTV because grey injection pot sticks to the needle. So may be better to use injection port as stopper, dirt cheap anyway.
  • Easy to fit injection-port & syringe-filter (the blue thing)

Where to buy?

Silicon cover:

Syringe filter for air-exchange:,searchweb201602_2,searchweb201603_53

Self-healing Injection Port:,searchweb201602_2,searchweb201603_53